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About Soley for Kids

Hello my name is Tawnya
Holland and I am the founder of the charity “Soley for Kids.”

In  December of 2020 my husband and I took our
children to Sonoyta, Mexico to participate in a charity event.
   Although we were not focused on shoes at
that event, I had a few pair of shoes that I placed on some of the poorest
  These children had only broken
flip flops or in some cases no shoes at all. 
I saw their eyes light
up as I placed the new shoes on their feet.

Seeing the need, my husband and I decided to go to the closest store in Sonoyta Mexico and purchase as many tennis shoes as we could. We then went to the villages of Sonoyta, walked the streets and knocked on doors asking families if their children were in need of shoes. Children were flying out of their homes so excited to see the potential of possibly owning a new pair of tennis shoes.

I told my husband, honey I think I’m getting the shoe charity bug! Realizing the need I enlisted others’ help and the Soley for Kids
charity was born.  

A pair of shoes empowers a child to run, play and walk to school easier. In
short, to be a kid.   Please donate today
and make the difference in the life of a child by providing protection for
their feet and more opportunities for personal growth!

The purpose of this charity was to provide tennis shoes for the children in the state of Sonora Mexico.   However, realizing the need for school supplies, we have extended our services to provide these items as well.

It is an amazing feeling to give to those who have much less than ourselves!

It is an amazing feeling to give to children who have so little!

Our Mission

Providing new shoes and school supplies to impoverished children in Mexico.

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